Alpha Group, which makes significant investments in energy, real estate, tourism, foreign trade, construction, industry, medical and renewable energy sectors, will also invest $1.5 billion in energy in Africa.

Yön Energy, a part of Alpha Group, is ready for investments worth up to $1.5 billion in Morocco, Algeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The investment, with the main purpose to build Solar Power Plants (SPP), one of the most frequently used alternative energies of the future, in 4 different countries, was crowned with a 1.150 MW SPP contract. Alpha Group aims to contribute significantly to the economy of African countries and our country by starting to work in this field.


Alpha Group, investing in African countries since 2016, emphasizes solar energy investments with Yön Energy, its company operating in the energy sector.

According to the data of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, approximately 89 per cent of the electricity generated on June 5 was supplied from domestic and renewable energy sources. Therefore, renewable energy is one of the most popular topics in our country.

Muhammet Şefik Yön, the founder of Yön Energy, said: “As Yön Energy, we have recently made important collaborations in the field of renewable energy in Africa. We are ready to maintain our presence deservedly in three continents (namely Africa, Asia and Europe) in this sector.”

Continuing his remarks on the subject, Muhammet Şefik Yön, the founder of Alpha Group, added: “As a company in the renewable energy sector, we are proud of our projects. Our goal is to expand our investments based in Turkey and contribute to our economy and to employment. We believe that we can achieve a better position compared to companies we compete with in other countries. We give priority to our renewable energy investments.”

Alpha Group is also making significant investments in the health sector. The group of companies, that have focused on the Arab market where they have worked for more than 20 years particularly for this purpose, aims to bring in patients from abroad, introduce them to health tourism and send them back to their homes healthy. For the same purpose, in 2018, a joint venture under the name of CMS Medical was made with German doctors who are experts in their fields in Germany.


Group executives say that they will continue to grow and create jobs in this field and make the following statements: “Not only in the real estate sector, but we are also increasing our investments in all areas that we exist in. As Alpha Group, we continue to be beneficial to humanity and produce new projects on three continents, representing Turkey. We are pleased to generate employment in this growth process. We protect our national values. It is our greatest pride to represent our country on commercial platforms abroad and to glorify domestic resources in this sense.”

The group, which had the opportunity to break into Ethiopian market, firstly established an electrical panel assembly line there. It is currently selling construction and electrical materials. 
Yön Teknik Construction Company of the Group has started to become a constantly growing brand in the field of construction in Somalia and Ethiopia.

In addition, the company stepped into the field of aviation by establishing Alpha Aviation Company with Indonesian and Arab investors. As a goal, regarding the supply of spare parts for civil and military aircraft, African countries, in particular, will meet their needs for parts through Istanbul-based companies and export them.

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