About Us

Alpha Group was founded in 1997 by Muhammet Şefik Yön to operate in the field of foreign trade. Within the scope of our activities, after having presented a good performance in the field of Foreign Trade, we took separate steps in the fields of Real Estate in 2007 and Tourism in 2009.

In 2015, the group companies stepped into the field of construction with Yön Technic Construction Inc. and started to attract the attention of both domestic and foreign investors in Africa and Asia to Turkey.

In 2016, major progress has been made by turning towards the fields of Engineering. The company stepped into the field of “Renewable Energy” that would attract the attention of foreign investors into Turkey and it continued to expand its field with Yön Energy Company.

In 2018, the Alpha Group targeted European markets and the CMS Medical Centre, of which the company is a partner in Germany, is an example of this. The company also established the Low Voltage panel manufacturing line in Ethiopia.

In addition, the establishment of Alpha Aviation Inc. is one of the most important developments that the company has put its signature under. With its Saudi and Indonesian partners, the goal of the company will be to realize component manufacturing in this field and carry out its trade in Turkey. We strongly believe that Alpha Group will realize projects that will make a difference in this field.

Within the framework of our efforts abroad, the following were realized:
– Establishment of Yön Technisch Gmbh in Germany
– Opening of the representative agency of Yön Technic Construction in Iraq
Our brands are Alpha Nour, Alpha Elevator, Yön Energy.

With the experience it has gained since 1999 in Asia, Africa and Europe, our company continues to bring foreign currency into our country both with the huge investments it has made and by bringing investors from abroad. Alpha Group provides the completion of employment and projects by bringing Arab investors in the areas requiring investment in our country. Alpha Group has become a company that major investors in the Middle East trust and want to work with. With the new developments, it has also become a bridge between Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

“OUR BIGGEST CAPITAL IS OUR RELIABILITY” for the projects we plan for the future within Alpha Group.

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